It’s just a boring bar with an empty pole and a stage

«I’ve challenged every employee here to wear their badges out in the community so that people can see them. When I’m out I’ll ask people if they are a Cox customer and if they say yes, I’ll ask ‘How are we doing?’ Because I want to know. And I tell them there’s not one issue that they have that we can’t resolve but I have to know about it.»»It’s amazing to me that the more we utilize technology, the less people talk.

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cheap jerseys I mean, there’s a part of you that wants to resist admitting that you’re willing to pay to see boobs, especially when you’re a girl and you have some of your own you could look at. So we tried to go to the Brass Bull instead, which claims to be a strip club but there are never, EVER any dancers in there. It’s just a boring bar with an empty pole and a stage. cheap jerseys

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