The exception is a moderate risk area between Ballycastle and

If he makes plans without consulting you, ask him to arrange for someone else to watch the children for that period of time, as you are not willing to do this under the circumstances. What you do during that time is your business. It may include staying home, going away on your own or with friends, staying over at a friend’s house, or catching up on your reading.

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pandora rings Levels are generally low in Northern Ireland but the map shows the location of about 1,000 homes where a higher level of the gas is present.»Where radon enters buildings, the levels can build up and, at high concentrations, leads to an increased risk of lung cancer,» he said.»I would encourage those householders identified in the report to implement measures to reduce the risk of lung cancer.»Radon levels are raised in parts of the districts of Newry and Mourne, Down and, to a lesser extent Banbridge in the south east; an area in the west centered in Strabane district; areas of the far south west, south of Lower Lough Erne; a small area east of Upper Lough Erne and several areas in the central districts of Cookstown, Dungannon and Omagh.The probability of high radon concentrations is low in most of the north and north east of Northern Ireland which lies on a basalt shield.The exception is a moderate risk area between Ballycastle and Ballintoy on the north coast.Further information on radon reduction measures can be obtained from the Health Protection Agency, telephone 01235 822622. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read more.This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled pandora rings.

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